Professional Learning on PLANE in 2013 & beyond.

PLANE was developed through funding from the Australian Government ICT Innovation fund, to provide a range of online professional development strategies and self-evaluation tools to ensure that anywhere, anytime professional development is available to teachers and leaders at all career stages and all levels of ICT competence, to develop ICT skills and their understandings of how these can be harnessed to improve pedagogy and student learning.

Well, the platform is built and we are now in continuation mode, running until at least early 2015. Now its up to you to engage with PLANE, the community that has evolved and the professional learning experiences available. The following on-going PL opportunities exist for educators on PLANE:

  • Online self-directed Courses, Skill Snacks & Quests
  • Online forums and groups for educators to share learning about ICTs and support each other with questions and answers
  • Tweet-ups
  • Virtual World experiences and the 3D game Leornian is available 24/7 for educators to meet up & participate in hands-on immersive learning.
  • The Gateways and App snacks bring in live feeds of curated digital material on particular ICT topics, this ensures the links are current & updated on an ongoing basis
  • The ability for PLANE members to create their own group on PLANE & invite a cohort of colleagues to share resources & learning on a particular topic
  • Sharing of useful online resources & a discussion about their use in the classroom via Share Club
  • A calendar of facilitated online events

There’s a new calendar of events for March-June now available via the events calendar, or use this flyer to share the opportunities with your colleagues.

What else would you like to see on PLANE?  Let us know by completing this survey -

Your responses will help to shape PLANE into the future.

PS:  do you like the new getting started guide?  It will remain in place for another week or 2, then it can be accessed via the DISCOVER>>GETTING STARTED menu (a great way to introduce new PLANE members to what’s on offer).

See you online, the PLANE team.



Virtual Worlds and Education TeachMeet

Hello to you and your avatars, 

We hosted our sixth TeachMeet@PLANE on Wed night 24 October on the topic of virtual worlds and education.

It was an immersive and fun session. If you attended this online event, we'd love to hear your feedback

The presenters included Steven Caldwell, Lisa Jacka, Kate Booth, Stanley Yip, Michelle Jensen, Bron Stuckey and Melanie Hughes. These educators and their avatars chatted about their work and real world stories about their classrooms and students. We had over 40 attendees online and over 20 avatars in-world.

This TeachMeet also featured a live video stream of the PLANE virtual world. It was a playful and calculated risk taking experience as we pushed the limits of the virtual world. At one stage there was even a live audio stream of the office cleaner’s vacuuming noise that quickly disappeared after it got ‘dealt’ with by Bron.

 Presenter details


School / Work Area

Presentation / Title

Twitter Username

Steven Caldwell

MLC, Burwood NSW

Impact of games, play and virtual worlds on students, staff and pedagogy in middle years program at MLC


Lisa Jacka
Kate Booth

Southern Cross University, NSW

Award winning virtual worlds research paper.

‘What about the firewall? Creating virtual worlds in a public primary school using Sim-on-a-Stick’


Stanley Yip


7 min fly over tour of the PLANE virtual worlds grid


Michelle Jensen

Hunters Hill HS, NSW

Action Research Island (action research project)


Bron Stuckey

Quest Atlantis

Quest Atlantis – Learning through creative gaming


Melanie Hughes


Learning & Skill Building in the Virtual World


Some links

-          TeachMeet@PLANE Group (recordings, forums, presenter details download),

-          Direct public link to the event archive is here,

-          More information about TeachMeet@PLANE,

Our next TeachMeet@PLANE

Wed 21 November 7pm and the topic is to be determined. The team at PLANE are keen to hear about what you’d like the next TeachMeet to focus on. Add your thoughts to the Wall Wisher page here

We hope to see you there.

Bron, Stan and Kit for the PLANE team.

Higher Learning

In light of the fact that events involving overripe tomato throwing and bull running have both managed to secure a position among the world’s top festivals, it is only logical that NSW educators are granted a similar opportunity to celebrate all that they love about learning. (Red capes optional) And while the Plane Festival of Learning’s official website ( does a pretty brilliant job of answering all your questions, consider this our complimentary guide to everything FOL.

  1. As you’re reading this blog entry on we’ll safely assume that you are relatively familiar with the concept of PLANE: The cross-sectorial, Federal-Government funded, online learning environment that provides on-demand professional learning to deliver better technology skills development to educators and generally works pretty hard at maintaining its reputation as Pathways for Learning Anywhere, anytime – A network for educators.
  2. The Festival of Learning, therefore, puts the “fasten seatbelts” sign on and shifts PLANE into first gear, officially launching the initiative as a two-day event on the 19th-20th October at Sydney’s Seymour centre.
  3. So what does two days and $145-$250 buy you that you can’t download from the comfort of your lounge room ? We’re so glad you asked. For less than the price of a fancy degustation serving bite-sized morsels masquerading as dinner, you get first-hand access to over 60 interactive professional learning experiences as well as the opportunity to listen in to some of the best academic speakers in the field (Think: Academy award winning animator Adam Elliot, game designer Dr Jason Fox and former physical education teacher turned comic Kitty Flanagan)
  4. Does the thought of 60+ concurrent active participation online experiences alarm you? Fret not.  We’ve organized the activities around four different learning environments,  including:  New Rules of Engagement (a collaborative opportunity to assess the direction of 21st Century teaching) ; There’s an App for that (workshops to  help you explore the world of mobile learning) ; Pathfinders and Pioneers (for learning leaders to discuss Current research, policy and practice around 21st century learning)  and Permission to Play (aptly titled for the opportunity to demonstrate how games can be used to challenge and excite students as they complete 21st century learning tasks) . The four strands have a distinct focus on classroom implementation, allowing you to put Plane in practice.
  5. But wait! There’s more: As if the opportunity to listen in to an Oscar winner wasn’t enough, your attendance at the Festival, will allow you to collect evidence for your professional learning portfolio. Who says you can’t have a little fun on the job?
  6. It’s not too late to book a last-minute weekend escape. Register It’s not quite a romantic getaway, but we guarantee you’ll fall in love with professional learning all over again !

Dr Les Foltos facilitates VW master classes

An innovative professional learning event took place in the PLANE Virtual World on 26 July 2012.

Educators teleported to Coach Away Island in the PLANE Open Virtual World to join a master class facilitated by Dr Les Foltos from Les is currently the Director of Educational Innovation at Peer-Ed. Les is the architect of the Peer Coaching program which trains teacher leaders to help colleagues to integrate technology into 21st Century classroom activities.

This master class explored how coaches build a relationship of trust & build rapport with collaborating teachers and the challenges involved when moving from a relationship that is ‘nice’ to one that produces innovation.

Participants were accredited Microsoft Peer Coaches or leaders of professional learning in their schools or programs. The group discussed strategies that promote teachers to take risks and adopt innovative learning activities.

Check out the master class group on PLANE for excerpts from this master class & check the PLANE events calendar for future master classes