Virtual Worlds and Education TeachMeet

Hello to you and your avatars, 

We hosted our sixth TeachMeet@PLANE on Wed night 24 October on the topic of virtual worlds and education.

It was an immersive and fun session. If you attended this online event, we'd love to hear your feedback

The presenters included Steven Caldwell, Lisa Jacka, Kate Booth, Stanley Yip, Michelle Jensen, Bron Stuckey and Melanie Hughes. These educators and their avatars chatted about their work and real world stories about their classrooms and students. We had over 40 attendees online and over 20 avatars in-world.

This TeachMeet also featured a live video stream of the PLANE virtual world. It was a playful and calculated risk taking experience as we pushed the limits of the virtual world. At one stage there was even a live audio stream of the office cleaner’s vacuuming noise that quickly disappeared after it got ‘dealt’ with by Bron.

 Presenter details


School / Work Area

Presentation / Title

Twitter Username

Steven Caldwell

MLC, Burwood NSW

Impact of games, play and virtual worlds on students, staff and pedagogy in middle years program at MLC


Lisa Jacka
Kate Booth

Southern Cross University, NSW

Award winning virtual worlds research paper.

‘What about the firewall? Creating virtual worlds in a public primary school using Sim-on-a-Stick’


Stanley Yip


7 min fly over tour of the PLANE virtual worlds grid


Michelle Jensen

Hunters Hill HS, NSW

Action Research Island (action research project)


Bron Stuckey

Quest Atlantis

Quest Atlantis – Learning through creative gaming


Melanie Hughes


Learning & Skill Building in the Virtual World


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-          TeachMeet@PLANE Group (recordings, forums, presenter details download),

-          Direct public link to the event archive is here,

-          More information about TeachMeet@PLANE,

Our next TeachMeet@PLANE

Wed 21 November 7pm and the topic is to be determined. The team at PLANE are keen to hear about what you’d like the next TeachMeet to focus on. Add your thoughts to the Wall Wisher page here

We hope to see you there.

Bron, Stan and Kit for the PLANE team.

Dr Les Foltos facilitates VW master classes

An innovative professional learning event took place in the PLANE Virtual World on 26 July 2012.

Educators teleported to Coach Away Island in the PLANE Open Virtual World to join a master class facilitated by Dr Les Foltos from Les is currently the Director of Educational Innovation at Peer-Ed. Les is the architect of the Peer Coaching program which trains teacher leaders to help colleagues to integrate technology into 21st Century classroom activities.

This master class explored how coaches build a relationship of trust & build rapport with collaborating teachers and the challenges involved when moving from a relationship that is ‘nice’ to one that produces innovation.

Participants were accredited Microsoft Peer Coaches or leaders of professional learning in their schools or programs. The group discussed strategies that promote teachers to take risks and adopt innovative learning activities.

Check out the master class group on PLANE for excerpts from this master class & check the PLANE events calendar for future master classes


The value of Personal Learning Networks TeachMeet@PLANE Wrap Up

Hi everyone,

We hosted our third TeachMeet@PLANE on Wed night 25 July on the topic 'The Value of Personal Learning Networks'. It was a great session with a smorgasbord of knowledge sharing. If you attended this online event, we'd love to hear and consume your feedback
The direct public link to the event archive of Wed 25 July 7pm, The value of Personal Learning Networks,
Nice work from Anne Mirtschin, Malyn Mawby, Kit Mochan, Brendan ‘Jonesy the teacher’ Jones and Dr Bron Stuckey. These fearless educators stepped forward to present and delight us with a full course meal of their work and real world stories from their classrooms. We had 50 attendees online from all parts of Australia. The presentations included global classrooms connecting in real time using Skype, using Storify to discuss what we eat at an Aussie Christmas, Bieber, bacon and Tim Tams.
What a fun TeachMeet@PLANE. New and old connections were made, lots of brain food, humour and great conversations.

Presenters’ details – The Value of Personal Learning Networks

Anne Mirtschin
The World is my Classroom
Hawkesdale P12 College VIC


Malyn Mawby

PLN to Follow my Bliss
ICT Integrator
I love my social networks


Kit Mochan
Starting a PLN in 140 Characters


Brendan Jones
Degrees of Separation
Bron Stuckey
PLANE Networking



Also within the PLANE website, we have a TeachMeet@PLANE Group that has archives of the recordings, forums, presenter details and links to presenters slides,
For more information about TeachMeet@PLANE,
Our next TeachMeet@PLANE
Wed 22 August and the topic is ‘Using Video in Your Teaching’. The team at PLANE are already animated with excitement to think what practices will be shared and inspire those in attendance. We will we looking for presenters, so please consider your experiences with video in your teaching and share it with those at TeachMeet@PLANE.
We hope to see you there.
And guys we’re falling behind in male presenters lately, the challenge is there gentleman, step up and present!
Bron, Stan, Pip and Kit for the PLANE team.

What do you want to learn?

We're organising a Festival of PLANE in October that will consist of both a physical 2-day event (19th & 20th) and a week of online masterclasses, TeachMeets, and unveiling of new PLANE learning content.
We want it to include what YOU most want to learn about next.
So if there's anything you've heard about but don't know how to do, or you have a particular interest area you wish others knew about, or have seen someone doing something amazing that should be shared with the world – let us know!
Some of these learning activities will be themed like our website under the headings of Connect, Learn, Share, MyPLANE as we aim to bring PLANE's experiences to life.
Thought starters:

  • I want to know about technology that will help me teach my sight impaired student
  • I want to learn how to use Unity and it's application to the classroom
  • I want to find educators who teach the same subject and year as me to collaborate on creating new best practice ICT-integrated curriculum lesson plans
  • I want to tell people about the amazing techy thing my student is doing that I am learning from
  • Leadership ideas and examples on how to successfully motivate reluctant staff to undertake ICT professional development and apply the learning into their classrooms
  • Case studies of using iPads in the classroom
  • How to use Google Apps for Education


Over to you – what would you love to see? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.