Peer Coaching

  • Looking for proven professional development that drives school improvement AND supports existing initiatives?
  • Need effective methods to help teachers effectively integrate technology with standards-based instruction?
  • Interested in becoming a coach or facilitator in the Peer Coaching program, sponsored by Microsoft and used in schools world-wide?

PLANE has customised 8 face to face training sessions of the Microsoft Peer Coaching program to suit an online professional learning model. The result is a blended program consisting of online meetings, online learning modules, some face to face workshops and ongoing collaborative assignments.

This 50 hour training program is facilitated by accredited PLANE staff. Successful completion of all required training tasks, including an in-school practicum (or an option to coach remotely-located colleagues in the PLANE virtual 3D world) will lead to accreditation as a Microsoft Peer Coach.

PLANE will hold online information meetings to provide more information about the potential of Peer Coaching for your school.

Peer Coaching Training on PLANE

Please register your interest to attend an online information meeting below: (note: you will need an internet connection and a headphone / microphone set to participate in an online meeting).

One thought on “Peer Coaching

  1. Collaboration is important in all schools. By discussing the pedagogy used in the classroom and collaborating with colleagues improve the students learning.

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