[Deadline Passed for New Applications] Take part in our Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program

PLANE is looking for sixty NSW primary and secondary teachers to take part in our Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program. This is a voluntary position that will help with applicants own professional learning and leadership skills.

Details on how to start your application are below. A PLANE Professional Learning Leader will contact succesful applicants by 29th of May 2012.

Expression of interest deadline passed

A massive thank you to the 400+ people who applied to take part in the Highly Accomplished Educator Program. PLANE will be in contact regarding your submissions.


  1. We can support many more HAICTE than previously thought.
    Yes the 60 HAICTE called for in the initial expression of interest seemed very inadequate given the 400+ expressions of interest. So we have waved our magic wand and can now support (and fund) many additional HAICTE on PLANE.
  2. A number of Educators, especially those who are not classified as new scheme teachers expressed concern about the requirement to be:
          -Accredited against higher levels of the national teaching standards;or
          -Aspiring towards accreditation against higher levels of the national teaching standards.


    PLANE has taken this concern on board and decided to remove this requirement.

    Fora further level of detail on this update please see this blog post.

Task 1: Put your hand up…

Leave your contact details on the Expression of Interest form below. (this deadline has now passed, stay tuned for future opportunities)

Task 2: Show us your hand…

From May 30 – Create a Professional Learning Portfolio page titled “Highly Accomplished ICT Educator Application (Your Name)” on PLANE.

Task 3: Join us for induction, some training & assist some pre-service teachers:

Create a Professional Learning Portfolio page titled “Highly Accomplished ICT Educator: Evidence of Learning (Your Name)”

Task 4: Show us your leadership style:

Create a Professional Learning Portfolio page titled “Highly Accomplished ICT Educator: Evidence of Leadership (Your Name)”


More information

PLANE will support you all the way through the process to becoming a PLANE Highly Accomplished ICT Educator.

  • The induction days for 2012 will held on the 12th of September 2012 and another date TBD.
  • Teachers can attend in person or online.
  • PLANE will cover release costs and food on the day, however we are unable to cover travel expenses.
  • It is expected that you will need to spend approximately one hour per week on PLANE in your role as Highly Accomplished ICT Educator


We anticipate a range of special opportunities for Highly Accomplished ICT Educator’s within PLANE. These may include:

  • Online master classes in the virtual world with international guest speakers + other VIP events
  • Online facilitation course via an in-world challenge
  • Invitation to Launch 19/20 October in Sydney
  • A certificate acknowledging your status as a Highly Accomplished ICT Educator in PLANE

Highly Accomplished ICT Educator’s will be invited to the PLANE launch on October 19th and 20th, 2012. They will be honoured during the proceedings and play a part in the launch. For this event PLANE will cover:

  1. Cost of registration, festival refreshments and attendance at workshops (requires pre-booking when registration opens)
  2. Accommodation for 1 night
  3. Release for 1 day
  4. Those Highly Accomplished ICT Educator’s presenting at the event will have their travel costs covered.

14 thoughts on “[Deadline Passed for New Applications] Take part in our Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program

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  2. Hi,

    I'm a little confused. I've registered my expression of Interest. Is there something else I have to do before the 28th? (eg Step 2 and submitting a principal's authority?). If so I cant find links to these things anywhere.

    • Hi Deborah, that's all we need from your end :) A member of the PLANE team will be in touch after applications close. We've had a huge response from educators about the program, but we will be getting back to everyone that applied. If you have any other questions let us know here and I can put you in touch with someone via email.

  3. Will people be chosen on merit or a "first in, best dressed" basis?
    And thanks, if I have any other questions I'll contact you again :)

    • The program organisers are selecting applicants, I'm not entirely sure what their processes are. If it is okay with you, could I send you a email tomorrow once I've clarified with the team? I can confirm we will be, and are very excited to be able to, involve more educators in PLANE due to the number of applications so please trust this is not the be all and end all.

  4. I hope I am not late! I would love to be involved with this and help where I can. I just sent in a real quick EOI. I am currently the ICT Mentor at my school working with iPads and IWB….changing mindsets to think pedagogy rather than technology. ;) anyway hope I can help somehow.


    Ena ;)

  5. Ive got my boarding pass, but I cant seem to find any reference to log on details for a username and password.

  6. Expression of Interest for HA ICT program. If the magic wand is waived again….I am putting my hand up as expressing an interest in applying. Thanks…Karl Easton.

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