The Month of Gaming!

February is The Month of Gaming at PLANE.

The link between games and learning is not always obvious to us, but in Good Video Game and Good Learning, James Gee explores how concepts we value in learning – identity, interaction, production, risk taking ownership etc. -  are encouraged in gaming.

Each week in February we’ll be hosting an online TeachMeet to explore a different facet of Games Based Learning.
Registration details have been setup now, also added to the PLANE Events Calendar.


Event details and Eventbrite registration links
Wed 6 Feb – Game theory and getting started
Wed 13 Feb – Game design
Wed 20 Feb – Games and early childhood
Wed 27 Feb – Games smack down!

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The winners of each category will be announced at GSummit SF 2013 this April 16-18.

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Leornian Spotlight Wrap Up

The Leornian Spotlight recounted the jorney that Team Leornian has taken in bringing the "game about games" from a concept to a playable virtual world. Stan Yip, Bron Stuckey and Brendan Jones hosted the Adobe Connect session that talked about the blacksmithing and alchemy that occured during the creative, development and testing phases of the project. There was even a hotly contested  game of "Leornian Bingo" made up a glossary of terms associated with the Leornian project.

The link to the recorded session is here

A Slidershare version of the Spotlight presentation is here


The research, sites and blogs that were mentioned in the Spotlight are below:
Seymour Papert – Hard Fun
James Paul Gee
Jane McGonigal – Gaming can make a better world (TED talk)
Making Games Based Learning #GBL – Research and Principles – a collection of GBL resources
Steven Johnson – Everything Bad is good for you
Marc Prenksy – Digital Games Based Learning
Lee Sheldon – The Multiplayer Classroom:Designing Coursework as a Game
Constance Steinkeuhler – MMOs, Learning and the New Pop Cosmopolitanism (You Tube)

Sites and Blogs
Dean Groom – The Playable Classroom
Atlantis Remixed & Quest Atlantis
Alan Baxter

Post Script – One of the PLANE Pioneers, Vivian Harris, has reflected on her time playing Leornian. It is a fabulous account of her personal learning journey in PLANE. Read it here.

NEWS JUST IN …. about Learning with Portals

Valve is taking up the challenge of games in education and starting to bring free resources to schools. You can get free copies of Portal 2 for your school by applying at the link below:

Teach with Portals 


The great news is that this is a resource available internationally.

PLANE team member Bron Stuckey discovered this cool tool opportunity on her recent tour of games in learning events of the U.S. and immediately saw the potential for grassroots learning in local schools.
The puzzle maker part of Portal is a fantastic way for everyone to learn about logic, physics and game design, amongst others, in an intriguing environment

Excitingly, Teaching with Portals will be one of the featured activities at the upcoming PLANE Festival of Learning on the 19th and 20th of October at the Seymour Center in Sydney.

Want to talk about how to use Portals in your classroom? Head to the PLANE GBL Forum.

Teach with Portals – PLANE forums

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Latest sneak peak at Leornian our 3D quest game

Leornian is a 3D quest style game devloped by PLANE about game-based-learning. Based in the world of Leornian, it has four levels. The backdrop moves through key points in time from medieval, steam punk, cyber punk, to space age. As educators complete quests within the game, they learn more about the value of games in learning.

Below are a few of the latest screenshots from the game.