PLANE Pioneer Program

As PLANE gets closer to completion we are inviting keen NSW educators like you to become a PLANE Pioneer – so long as you can handle a little turbulance, as we're still under development.

This means we’re giving you the opportunity to experience and help shape this dynamic community platform as it develops before it becomes available to all educators in NSW.

As a Pioneer, you are charged with an important mission to help shape the PLANE experience for other educators like you. You are a trail blazer but you are also part of a community of educators venturing into this new territory, the PLANE website, together. Pioneers don’t just join the ride, they actively shape it. They know the landscape is new and will change along their journey, and that’s okay because it’s all part of the Pioneer adventure.

PLANE is an ICT focussed professional learning world free for P-12 educators across all sectors, and as it's all online you can access it anywhere, anytime. So if you want to learn, connect and collaborate with other educators as you explore the possibilities of emerging technologies in education register at

How to Log Into PLANE

To board your flight with us you will need with you:
a) your account login details to one of the following social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn or Windows Messenger
b) your email address that denotes your school/sector (for example it might be or

Need Help?

Technical turbulance? Have a question?

Please note that while PLANE platform is in working order with many fantastic learning experiences available, it is still "under development," and as such you may face a little turbulance on your journey. If you have any technical problems please contact or use the feedback form within PLANE.

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PLANE is an acronym for Pathways for Learning, Anywhere, anytime – a Network for Educators. PLANE is an innovative and engaging educator community, networking space, and virtual world; providing accredited professional learning, courses, multi-media resources, ICT skills development, e-portfolio, collaborative tools, games-based-learning, and peer coaching.

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