Edmodo Innovations TeachMeet@PLANE Wrap Up

Hello everyone,

Thank you.

Our inaugural TeachMeet@PLANE on Wed night on Edmodo Innovations was a good success thanks to all of you. We'd love to hear your feedback http://bit.ly/L4gfVM.

There was much planning but even the best laid plans can go awry when the technology Gods do not smile on you. We tip our hats to Bianca Hewes, Lois Smethurst, Henrietta Miller, Jess McCulloch, John Pearce and Jacqueline Woodley. These brave trailblazing peeps put their hands up to present and also shared our learning journey as online facilitators. All the lessons learnt will better help support presenters and participants at future TeachMeets@PLANE.

This fab bunch of Edmodo All Stars presenters displayed a wealth of wisdom, experience and pragmatic stories of their classrooms. And there were many great comments and questions from the participants. We know there were 64 less people watching the State of Origin as they were instead treated to TeachMeet@PLANE that included a mini Edmodo secret agent, Jacqueline’s son and even a virtual lucky door prize barrel girl. Congratulations to Alison Spooner, Sarah Dallen and Simone Brett for scoring the Amazon voucher lucky door prizes.

Every participant has also won a PLANE Pioneer ticket for early access to PLANE. On the PLANE website there will be a TeachMeet@PLANE Group setup with links to presenter information, chat logs and archives to past TeachMeets. Stay tuned for this.


Presenters & PLANE Hosts

Lois Smethurst


Edmodo in the Primary Classroom
Henrietta Miller
Why I love Edmodo
Biana Hewes
Edmodo in the English classroom
Jess McCulloch
Edmodo for Secret Agents
Tweet or email for follow up to join Edmodo for Secret Agents
John Pearce
Edmodo in a Tertiary setting
Jacqueline Woodley


Edmodo maths transition with Year 6
Tweet or email for follow up math and Edmodo, transition Primary Secondary
Dr Bronwyn Stuckey
Leader, Gameplay and Learning Communities @ PLANE
Xena, Warrior Princess



Stanley Yip




Learning Media Developer Gameplay @ PLANE
Infinite Game Player

Some other follow up links

We hope to see you at future TeachMeets@PLANE!

Bron and Stan for the PLANE team

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